28 September 2013

Little Painted Cupboard

What do you think of this little painted cupboard I found yesterday?

To give you some perspective, the ironstone pitcher is just a tad smaller than one that would come with a wash bowl.

Might this have been made for a young girl? I find it charming.

My guess is long ago it had a backsplash that came off rather crudely. It has also been used as a work table.

There's an accumulation of old dirt on the front of the drawer and some paint stains on the top. I can't bring myself to touch it other than a light dusting. What would you do with a really old piece that is kind of grungy?

I'm thankful I was at the right place at the right time and it didn't get hauled off to the dump.

Do the knobs seem a little heavy to you? I'm not sure if they're original to the piece.

I think the autumn colors and grain-painting make it look woodsy; the soft palette feminine. 

It would fit in my dream house. What do you think? Do you like this look or is it not your thing?