07 January 2013

Just a sunny winter day

I'm so happy that my junk room is now primed and on its way to being somewhat organized. I'm going to live with primed walls for awhile. I have so much to do in the upstairs of this house: walls to rip out, windows to replace, floors to refinish, shelves to build....for now, done is better than perfect.
I wish I had taken before photos, as this room and our upstairs hallway were painted glossy, dental equipment green. My daughter's school friend called it 'The Emerald City.'

I had no sooner put my paint supplies away and the sun came out, so I grabbed my tripod and camera and tried to capture the lovely light that streamed in through the south window. I already love this space! It was a bit hard to move around because I have boxes and bins stacked up in the middle of the room and along the walls you can't see.

I took a bunch of photos using different ISOs, shutter speeds, and f-stops. I'm strictly shooting on manual, so it's pretty much trial and error. I was into photography many years ago, but that was long before digital. I think manual cameras, like my favorite Pentax Spotmatic with a broken meter, were easier to operate. My New Year's resolution is to learn how to use this camera!

That's a vintage SS Queen Elizabeth candy tin in the wire basket. In the woven basket underneath, I store fancy linens: doilies, wedding hankies, etc.... I paid $1 for it on the second day of a yard sale. The roses oil painting was from one of my estate sales, but it didn't sell.

The three chromolithographs (one is sitting on the wooden Finnish suitcases and the other two are on the floor) are my latest Goodwill finds. They are marked: Copyright 1898 The Ullman Mfg. Co. New York. I left the stickers on and was going to zoom in and show you what I paid, but then they might end up in my future Etsy store, so maybe I'll keep the price a secret for now. Etsy store: another New Year's resolution.

I picked up this pretty print at the Goodwill a couple of months ago. The colors are so gentle. I really don't have wall space to hang art because my house has too many south facing windows and anything exposed to strong light fades. I do love sunlight, though, especially during our long winters.

I'm looking forward to showing the other side of the room, but first I have to figure out what to do with the piles of stuff. HA!

Hope you're finding wonderful treasures. Thanks for reading....

The Shabby Nest