18 January 2013

{ Grow Your Blog } Valentine Giveaway

Welcome to the Grow Your Blog Party and My First Giveaway....

First, I want to thank Vicki at 2 Bags Full for hosting this awesome Grow Your Blog party. Without Vicki, no party. I know what a huge undertaking it was for her to put this together, as there are 420 bloggers signed up (you can find the complete list here on Jan 19th).

So what is this blog about? My profile pretty much sums it up: I love old stuff.  I'm living my dream life with my husband of 30 years on a hobby farm in the north woods. I love traveling, photography, music, literature, graphic design, gardening....my interests are continually evolving and endless. I'm passionate about things I see in the world that are not right, and though I sometimes feel powerless, I am never without hope.

Many of the blogs participating in GYB are having giveaways, mine included. As a newbie blogger it's my way of saying thank you for stopping by and getting to know me.

Words of wisdom from my mother: give a gift that you would like to receive.

For my first giveaway, I'm giving a pretty pink, mini-Reisenthel collapsible basket. I've used these baskets for years and have several of them in different colors and sizes. The basket in the photos is mine, but the winner will be sent a brand new one in its original packaging.

I also need to include something vintage--'cause that's my thing--so I'll also send the winner this pair of pinky-peachy, hand-crocheted pillowcases. Wouldn't this design make luscious frosting on a wedding cake?

Okay, here goes....

Giveaway Rules:

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it!

*You do not need to have a blog to win, but please be sure to leave an email address where I can contact you if you are the winner.

*You do not need to follow my blog to enter or win, though I'm not turning away any new followers!

* This giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where you live.

I will accept entries through January 31st, and the winner will be drawn on February 1st. Your gift will be shipped as soon as I have your mailing address.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Valentine's Day!!


Chic on a Shoestring Decorating


  1. Oh I could do so much with that collapsible basket! And the pillowcases are stunning Diane! I collect a few things....rocks from all the places we've been, teacups, and vintage frames! ALl the best and I am so glad to be following you!

  2. Diane
    This is a gorgeous give-away! I hope you won't think me stupid when I tell you I've never seen a collapseable basket like yours and such a pretty color to boot. The matching doilies are sweet too.
    I'll be holding my breath until February 1st!

  3. Thanks for finding my blog and following Diane. I am following back. Have a great week.

  4. What a beautiful blog and the Giveawaay- no words for that :-) I really hope for me, hihi. So Diane, I started following you- looking forward for your next postings. Thanx to wonderful Vicki who had this brilliant idea!
    Best regards from Germany and from my heart to yours...
    Ines (E. Blumenstengel)

  5. I love your blog and look forward to visiting you often! Lovely!

  6. I sure would love to visit and see your estate sale stuff. I love looking for things that catch my eye. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following

    1. Terry, be sure and let me know if you plan to come to the area. Usually estate sales are in better weather, but you just never know....we get a call and we go.

  7. the hubby & i enjoyed our trip to Michigan & sure hope to get there again real soon. i love your giveaway. wow. so lovely. going to look around now. take care. have a great weekend. ( :

  8. Hello Up There IN the UP.

    Your blog is very lovely and I love everything antique or vintage. I brought many treasures back with me from Germany after spending 2 years there as a nurse.

    I love the UP and spent many Summer vacations in our family cabin outside of Munising.. This past Summer we made 2 trips to the UP and I could not believe I had my toes in Lake Superior and it was warm, unbelievable. vbg

    I am so happy I discovered your blog. Hugs Judy

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  10. Hello Diane, I forgot to ask you what is GYBP??? Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

  11. Wow, I really hope I win this!!! Found you on the GYB trail and I look forward to reading more.

    -Jade @ www.muffinteahouse.com

  12. Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by for the blog party. I have an aunt and cousins in Grand Haven, Michigan and usually head there when we travel to the States for the summer. Sounds like you are keeping busy in retirement. I am tied to a desk right now -- working for the Superintendent of the American school my boys attend. I am busy from the time I walk in until I leave at the end of the day ... sure does sometimes suck the creative juices right out of you. :/ Thank goodness for weekends and time to recharge. Those pillowcases are gorgeous. I do love crochet, though I will always consider myself a novice when it comes to making stuff. Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Hi Diane, thank you for visiting my blog! I've become your follower before reading of your Giveaway but, reading down...wow! it's fantastic!!We have a lot of things in common...I'll come to visit you very often.

  14. Nice to meet you! You have a lovely blog!

    Those prizes are fantastic! Please enter me in your giveaway!


  15. Oh count me in, your give aways are drool worthy. I love old linens, tablecoths are my weakness. I am also a non-sewer with a pile of fabrics I couldn't resist. We have just returned to rural living after far too long in the city. I felt powerless about not right things too, but today I've decided to try and do something. I would love it if you would join me. Info on my blog.

  16. Guess we have some things in common; I love old things, specially vintage linens, I think I may be a hoarder of sorts....
    The pillowcases are devine.
    I hope you make many new friends during the blog party.

  17. Hi Diane--I am a Diane too--
    and I love old things now that I am old!!!!
    you have a lovely blog site and you take great photos--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  18. Your basket is just the cutest! Thank you for sharing your blog. I will be back many times in the future to enjoy your love of old things.

  19. Hi Diane, glad I found your wonderful blog through the GYB blog party!
    Loving the hand-crocheted pillowcases, just adorable!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. I have never heard of Riesenthal collapsible bags, but yours looks cute.

    Like you don't turn away followers (I just started), I don't turn away gifts.

    So add me to the drawing.

  21. Collapsible baskets are so useful; I love them! And the lace on those pillowcases is beautiful.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  22. Hello,

    Nice to meet you.
    I would like to try my luck in your giveaway.
    There is a giveaway on my blog,too.


  23. New follower and also participating in the Blog Party....Love what I have seen of yours so far. We like a lot of the same things!

  24. I'm from the blog party too. From my first glimpse at your blog, I can see we have similar tastes and interests. Wow, a gorgeous blog! I'm looking forward to learning more about you and seeing your treasures.

  25. Sometimes I think it would be right up my alley to run an estate sale business.

    Great image of the barn in your blog header.

    Popped in from from the Grow Your Blog hop.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  26. Hello,
    Your blog is so pretty :-)

  27. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway. I love vintage items and I really enjoyed looking at all the items you have on your blog.They are all very pretty.

  28. Dear Diane, you seem to live in such wonderful surroundings! Hurray for you for making it so. Something I have yet to learn... Maybe I can learn from you by following your blog :) Thank you for visiting and following mine, it is truely appreciated!

  29. What a beautiful picture in your header. Is that your farm??? If so, you are truly blessed.

    And I find your occupation very interesting. What wonderful things you much come across. Please count me in on your contest and if you have time, visit me at my blog as well.


    1. Elaine,
      Yes, it was taken from the loft in the garage. It looks about the same here today. Cold and snowy!

  30. Oh I love linens too and found a couple of wonderful little pieces this weekend at a flea market. I can't wait to come back and read more of your blog. Nice to meet you!

  31. What a fabulous giveaway - I love the basket but I'm not sure if I can join in from England??
    Best wishes!

    1. You absolutely can! This giveaway is open to everyone. I ship worldwide. Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Diane, I am a transplanted Michigander now living in the rolling hills of Kentucky. My parents still live in the Thumb area, but we originate from Saginaw. You have a beautiful generous giveaway that I would love to enter. I know it's not required, but I have also become a follower. Thanks. Have a terrific day. Cathryn (blueladie at hotmail dot com)

  33. Your basket is great never seen one like it
    It must be so pretty where you live.
    I like old things too
    I will be back if you visit I visit

  34. what a lovely blog, and a generous giveaway!

  35. I'm happy to read a blog of a linen-lover. I,too, adore old fabrics. So nice to meet you here in the blogger-world.

  36. Oh man...for the love of linens. And anything vintage, I'm all over it! I have a collection of tablecloths and aprons, and I love the way my table looks with mis-matched cloth napkins. I'm having great fun at the Blog Party. Hope you'll visit me back. What a wonderful giveaway. Please do count me in! (The pillowcases remind me of my mother:)

    Aloha from Vicki

  37. Hi Diane. Enjoyed going through reading your posts. Really found your post on Lithuania very interesting. Looking forward to reading more new and old posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog little putty, little paint.

  38. Hi Diane. Enjoyed going through reading your posts. Really found your post on Lithuania very interesting. Looking forward to reading more new and old posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog little putty, little paint.

  39. Hello Diane. What a lovely Giveaway. I would love to enter

    Lesley x

  40. What a lovely pair of pillowcases. Hope you are enjoying the blog hop as much as I am.

  41. Diane,
    Love visiting your blog. Such a lovely giveaway.
    Enjoy the GYBP event...

  42. Hello from Texas! I'm visiting from, "Grow Your Blog" and love your site! I too love all things vintage and have had a great time looking and looking around! I don't want to miss anything so I'm your newest follower!

  43. You have a lovely blog. I'm a new follower and participant of 'Grow your Blog'. Have fun at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  44. Oh, geez, Diane, if I ran an estate business, I also need an old farmhouse to refurbish and store everything. What a dream come true. I love to attend estate sales and sometimes find great treasures. Last year, I attended one that had a sign posted that I "just happened" to see while driving on a Sunday morning near home. I went back 3-4 times and found great treasures. In fact, the linen apron is made from part of one of the HUGE tablecloths I got at this very same estate sale. I'm getting 8 aprons out of that one tablecloth. It was so big. When I bought it, I new I would cut it up and do something but not what. I love the apron idea and will be sharing more as I make new ones. I just have to be a follower of your blog so I can see what you find in your estate sales and other treasure hunts. Thank you for visiting my blog in the Grow Your Blog Party today.

    Email: marrianna65@gmail.com

  45. wow, die Bilder von deinem Blog sind sooo schön, ich liebe es besonders, deshalb habe ich groß Lust auf gegenseitig verfolgen, und du? Warte auf deine Antwort.
    LG; Kate :)

  46. Nice to meet you Diane! You have a dream job in my opinion, oh, how I love old things too! Thanks for the chance at your lovely giveaway! Stop by my blog too!

  47. Oh, those pillowcases are sublime!
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  48. Those pillowcases are the best.

    Thank you for participating in Vicki's blog party.


  49. Enjoyed meeting you through Vicki's GYB party.

    I love all things old too. Sometimes I acquire things thinking I will recycle them but I have a hard time taking them from their original intended use. They then go in my cedar chest!

    If you have a chance, Come visit me at nonniescedarchest.wordpress.com


  50. Hello Diane - I am here from 2 Bags Full.

    What an eye for beauty you have. I have enjoyed browsing your blog soaking up the images and dreaming of beautifying my place.

    Please enter me in your generous giveaway.


  51. that basket is SO cute! visiting via Vicki's GRB Party; if you have a moment, come visit.

  52. Hello Diane,
    What a delight to meet you!
    I'm participating in the GYB party too and having such fun although it may well take me until Christmas to visit everyone.
    Your profile sounds just like me (a mirror image almost) and I'm now following you because I think we will have a great time visiting each other.
    I adore your header photo and your giveaway is beautiful. So feminine and delicate ~ I'd love the chance to win.
    I'm dashing about today trying to see more blogs on the list but I'll be back to look back over your previous posts. I know I'm going to have a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

    Waving from all the way over here in Australia ;D

    Neesie ♥

  53. Diane - dropping by from the GYB Party - so glad I did. I can see myself spending lots of reading time here. Count me in as your newest follower - hope your week is wonderful! Tanya

  54. I love your blog and your give away is very generous. I am a new follower. -Derrith

  55. Okcamp? My blog is OK Acres, so I felt an affinity to you immediately. (grin) Love your blog and I share your love of old things. I love to repurpose things too, so it's a big space issue at my house if I go to too many garage sales or auctions. Even the township drop off is a dangerous place for me. (Bigger grin)
    Swing by my blog if you get time....okacres.com

  56. Nice to meet you!Your blog is gorgeous and I look forward to checking all of it out!Come visit me!

  57. Found your great blog thru the party. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.


  58. Your giveaway items are awesome..love the old things too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back for more ~ Laura

  59. Glad I found your blog and am looking forward to reading your posts.

  60. Nice to meet you at the party!
    Beautiful blog and I love your lovely giveaway...

  61. What beautiful pillow cases. I'm so glad I found your blog through the party. I will be back often to see your lovely pictures.



  62. HI Diane
    Am making way through the blog list on the party train! I love your pictures and am so in love with the idea of your job. Good for you you have retired and can enjoy it much more. The pink basket and pillow cases are so pretty. I am going to follow you and see what goodies and fun times you have to share.

  63. Oh how much I love your blog! I smiled when I read your profile and you said you like hanging out with all of your stuff lol, somehow that just made me smile.
    Thank you for visiting me for the party as well! Your give-away is amazing and love the pretty peach basket and those pillowcases are absolutely heavenly! Who wouldn't sleep good with your head resting on those and I would use them, not just set them aside as pretty as they are.
    I can't wait to read more of your blog and I will visit again!

    @ french laundry 132

  64. I just took a spin through your pretty blog! I love vintage! Your giveaway is gorgeous. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a lovely comment.

  65. What a wonderful basket and beautiful crochet! I love to crochet doilies, so I know how much work and time went into that project. Your blog is very pretty and I also love old things. I have three vintage sewing machines among lots of other stuff. Please visit me at http://squaregrannie.blogspot.com/2013/01/grow-your-blog_18.html

  66. I love your beautiful giveaways! And your blog is just lovely! So nice to meet you:-)


  67. Hi Diane I am glad to see you blogging again. I love your story and think your blog will be flying high soon.

  68. Gorgeous basket and pillowcases! I'm having so much fun checking out so many interesting and creative blogs along the GYB hop! Glad to have found yours!

  69. Love your blog! So glad you're following me so I could find you! Please enter me in the give-away!
    Hugs from the Farmhouse,

  70. So great to find your blog! Wonderful inspiration! Jamie V in MT

  71. Hi, Diane! I feel so lucky that I am still making the rounds on the blogging party and I have now come to yours! I feel we are kindred spirits with our love of all things vintage... estate sales (I am the one attending them!)... and taking photos that show where our passions lie! Please enter me in your giveaway and I would be so delighted if you drop by mine! Stay awhile and take your time! I am your newest follower and look forward to many more visits. Hope to see you soon!!

  72. OMGosh, these are truly just "gorgeous" giveaways. Wow - would I be delighted... LOL - am a new following - you have a beautiful Blog and I am thankful Vicki encouraged us to join the party. Hugs from Alaska. www.alaskabluemoose.blogspot.com - come by and sign up for my giveaway - not quite as cool as yours... smiles.

  73. ..oh my gosh.. what an exciting idea for blog candy.. amazing.. and luvin your blog.. thanks mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

  74. What a generous giveaway -- I love both the pieces for their practicality and beauty! I am sure we have much in common with the love of vintage, so I hope you get a chance to visit my blog, too!

  75. Hi Diane, I must become a follower and come back to see more of your beautiful blog. The HAT in your more recent post stopped me in my tracks, it was so beautiful! Your giveaway is so very generous and wonderful. Both things are scrumptious.

    Try to visit my blog and giveaway, too, if you get the chance. SO glad I stopped by yours!


  76. I just found your blog through the party. What a beautiful blog it is! I'm only up to the second post and already leaving a second comment. I'm definitely becoming a follower! Ahd, what a wonderful give-away. I hope you'll get a chance to stop by my blog for a visit as I'm having a give-away too. I'm off to see more of your blog...can't wait!...so many pretty things! :-)

  77. Hello Diane, wonderful to visit your blog..What a great way to meet like minded women..Still working my way thru all the blogs..such delight.

  78. Hi Diane-
    thanks for following my blog. I will definitely be one of your followers. I too love vintage stuff but don't necessarily have a great eye. You will be my inspiration!!

  79. Oh my, I can't stay long but I will be back, would love to enter your beautiful giveaway!