25 July 2011

Next weekend....rain or shine

Yesterday morning on my way to work on the farm sale, I had to pull over and pick a bouquet of wildflowers. They don't get any prettier than these. While waiting for the guys to show up, I grabbed a few outside things and took this photo: an old tractor seat with weathered blue paint, a purple aluminum pitcher, hanging drying baskets from one of the local copper mines, and a pair of iron wheels. The flowers are in an old coffee jar and sitting on the best potting bench ever. Actually, it's an old iron workbench (probably from one of the mines) with a couple of shelves on top. It's absolutely solid and you'd never have to worry about maintenance, though it will take a couple of strong guys to move it. I hope one of them is my husband.

The sale will be the first weekend in August. We're a couple of weeks behind schedule and not because we've been slacking; it's just that digging in the outbuildings is so addictive.