16 October 2011

Three more reasons why I love Goodwill

How did they know that I have been looking for barn lights? It must be my lucky day! My husband says they are not for exterior use, but I surely can find a place for them in the new garage or the barn. The two smaller ones are in super condition, nearly perfect. The larger light has a chip that won't bother me. I'll turn it toward the wall. The smaller lights are made by Goodrich, the same company that makes the Barn Light Electric gooseneck lamps that I plan to order and cost about $300 each. The larger light's label says Quad.

I regularly shop our local Goodwill because I never know what I'll find and because I hate paying full price for anything if I can avoid it.  Lately, the bargains have been far and few between. All our store's knick-knacks are priced at $2.49 each. Some will still have a 25 cent garage sale sticker or a Dollar Store tag on them. What in the world are they thinking?

Guess how much these lights set me back? Give up? OK, have a look.....just click on the picture.

I am one happy camper! Three vintage barn lights for $6. Yes!