22 January 2012

Fun Vintage 1950s Valentines

Hello All,

Aren't these a hoot? If you're old enough to remember Valentines like these.... my condolences. ;-)

Can you guess how many 'hearts' are in the image above?  Lips, earrings, turban, etc.......I count 14, not that I'm necessarily known for accuracy!
These cards are all from the same estate. They are unused and each have a little yellowing on the back, probably leftovers that were never given out.

They are also quite large (about 10 inches tall). The upper portion on each card has a small grommet so that the head swivels and can fold to fit in an envelope.

I scanned them at 300dpi. They should print up nicely on your b&w or color printer.

What could be more fun on a lazy, Sunday afternoon than rummaging through old paper stuff? On second thought, don't answer that!

What do you do for fun?