27 February 2013

Ladies of the Copper Country - Vintage Photographs


Well I hope you're surviving the winter....there can't be too many more months of it, right?

I haven't posted since Valentine's Day, mostly because my less than a year old computer's operating system crashed. After spending what seems like countless hours on the phone with tech support, I'm finally back up and running.

Now that I have something to plug my camera's card reader into, I'm back to my old tricks. ;-)

There is something about old photographs....I never tire of looking at them and wondering about the lives of the people in them.

These photos came from local estates. They're one of those things that often don't sell. I can't bear to see them thrown away, which means I have lots of them.

The woman on the right is handsome, don't you think? She looks 'well-bred' and likely is from a family with money. She might even be college educated. So elegant!

The young lady on the left is probably an immigrant. When I zoomed in on her shoes they looked quite worn. Her pose is so relaxed.

She is a beautiful woman. I imagine with her hair unbraided she'd look like a nymph in the forest.

I love this image; it reminds me of National Velvet. This girl looks like a princess. Why do you suppose she's wearing a glove on her right hand?

Have you ever seen more perfect bangs? She too has that sweet look of innocence.

Thanks for looking!

Here's wishing you all a lovely day....Friday is the 1st of March. Hopefully, Spring is not far behind.

~ Diane


14 February 2013

A New Man in My Life

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just thought I'd share some photos of the new man who came into my life today. Actually, he's really just a boy.

He followed me home after I turned down our road this afternoon. We played a little game: I'd drive a few feet and he'd follow, when I stopped he'd lick the salt off my car. Repeat. This went on for about twenty minutes. When I pulled up to the house and opened the car door, I called to him and he walked right over then followed me around like a puppy while I filled the birdfeeders and fed the woodstove.

He waited at the door while I ran in to get my 35mm camera.

Yes, this is where you saw me get the sunflower seeds and no, you cannot go in.

What a sweet little guy.
I think he's one of the twins I have been feeding this winter along with mom. I'm sure they've been holed up in the cedar swamps since it's been so bitterly cold. I haven't seen them for a several weeks. Today was in the mid-twenties.

He's a little buck. He didn't mind me touching and petting him, but he flinched when I touched his antler nubs. They're probably tender because they're growing. 

If he comes back tomorrow we'll have carrots for a snack.

I hope everyone is having the sweetest time!
This has been the best Valentine's Day ever!

01 February 2013

And the Giveaway Winner is....

Drum roll, please.......

Jamie from Remnants { http://rem-nants.blogspot.com/ }
As soon as I have your address, Jamie, your package will be on its way.
Thanks so much to everyone who participated. And again, a special thanks to Vicki for cooking up this brilliant party. My blog went from 22 followers to 86. I also discovered many, wonderful blogs along the way that I am now following. I can't wait to do this again.
Stay warm and cozy. Spring is on its way (somewhere).