01 February 2012

Cabin Fever

And a Happy February 1st To You.....

Just think.....only a couple more months of winter, depending on where you're at. I'm ready for spring.

I'm more than ready.....in fact, I now have an official case of cabin fever. I'm dying to get outside. I want to build something. Or prop something up. I want to see how the blueberries and rosa rugosa that I planted last spring are doing. Did my trees make it? In November I planted two white pines next to the new tractor building; they're out there somewhere buried under three feet of snow. I want to hang out(side).

Tell me this, is cabin fever contagious? Check out my newest favorite website:

Meanwhile, here's a few titillating teasers. LOL. Have I got it bad.

Pine Tar Stain  100% organic. I wonder if it repels flies....

Northern Ontario. Nice framing. The floors are repurposed palettes. More about the construction at mycabininthewoods.tumblr.com.

A farm is in Skammestein, Norway. This barely looks like a photo.

A 21-year-old industrial design student built this cabin in an archipelago in Finland.

This cabin in Norway looks like it's sitting on a Bigfoot rug.

Swedish simplicity. What era do you think that sofa is from? Late forties-early fifties? You can see more images of Urnatur here.

New Hampshire. Maple sap run, the smell of new lumber. Heaven.

Best woodpile ever. Just goes to show you can be creative in whatever you do.

Think Spring!