26 January 2013

Exquisitely Shabby Vintage Hats

I hope the weather has warmed up wherever you're at. It was one chilly week here in the Copper Country. It was lovely being able to stay home and not have to brave the cold and wind and icy roads.
I'm already lovin' retirement!

These hats were from a partial estate that I purchased a couple of years ago. The gentleman I bought them from told me they belonged to his deceased mother who had been a milliner in Chicago for several large department stores.

I know what you're thinking....I'm sure few of us would sell things that belonged to our mother, especially if she had made them herself. Believe me, not everyone is sentimental.

The hats were stored in this fabulous, fabric covered, oval box with a pretty, paper illustration on the lid. Though I've already sold quite a few of the hats, I still have several, plus loads of trim and ones she never finished. I just love the soft faded colors, don't you?

In addition to hats, I also purchased vintage dresses, beaded purses, furs, vintage children's clothes, and several Victorian pieces that I think are museum-quality.


I will, as time permits, show you some of the other things that came from this estate. Of course, they will eventually all be sold. I must also make money (translate: I can't keep it all). It seems with most things--though there are a few exceptions--I am satisfied to enjoy these wonderful, old treasures for a bit and then let them go.

If you haven't entered my giveaway, please check out the previous post and leave a comment. I'll draw a winner on Feb 1st.

Stay warm.....




  1. Those hats are gorgeous....I mean they are down right stunning!!!! Wish u could keep just one!!! They are calling for ice here in Chicago tomorrow so we aren't out of the woods yet!!! Stay warm!!!

  2. The hats are so lovely! You're right, I couldn't bear to part with them, especially if made by a parent. Yet, people who aren't as sentimental actually help us buy those wonderful things. Oh, yes, please, do post other pictures. I'll be looking forward to seeing your treasures!

  3. You are very lucky to be able to get all of these neat things and pass them on (even if at profit :)) I love browsing antique and resale shops. I sometimes feel sad when I go thru an estate sale, seeing their life laid out for all to see.

  4. Such beautiful hats! They make a lovely post.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - lucky you! These ARE exquisite! Sentimentality among people really dumbfounds me...I am always the first to go for the photos I find travelling through antique stores. I just don't get it, but I suppose there comes a time when no one else wants it anymore (or no one is left to leave it to)...your gain, as these are SO beautiful! Hope your weeks is wonderful - Tanya

  6. These hats are gorgeous...and the box too! What a lucky find! Are you planning to keep them for "decoration" or will you wear them? They are so pretty, perhaps you can bring the trend back!

  7. Wow!! What absolute treasures those are! Thank you for sharing them with us. I loved seeing them.

  8. Hi Diane, what a awesome find, the hats are truly amazing and I love that wonderful box too. Look forward to more treasures being shared on your blog.

  9. Vilka vackra hattar.
    Ha en fin helg
    Kram meta

  10. I love vintage clothes. Do you often find them in such good condition? I admire the lines of 1920s dresses but unfortunately I don't have the bod to match.

  11. The colors are so muted and beautiful with the passage of time. Just lovely. I look around here and know that my boys do not care about 90% of the stuff I have. Boys certainly aren't sentimental. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

  12. What a wonderful find! They're beautiful! The other things you got in this purchase sound very interesting too.

  13. The hats are so wonderful. I will look forward to seeing other estate items, so much fun.

  14. Wow, diane...so much fun!
    Can't wait to see more!

  15. i love those hats - they look so fun. i wonder why we don't wear hats like these - this day & age? too cool. thank you for your comment this evening. take care. enjoy this weekend. ( :

  16. Love those hats Diane,
    Look amazing..is your header new..it looks wonderful.