04 September 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How can I tell it's officially Fall?
Uh, because I'm finally starting to work on my list of summer chores?

I planted this herb garden in front of our Finnish aitta (granary) shortly after we moved here. It has been badly neglected for many years.

After weeding, tilling, raking, and leveling, it's time to get it ready for spring planting.

I don't have enough sandstone for the paths, so I'm putting down wood chips that I got for free from the utility guys who were working on the county roads this summer. It will at least keep some of the weeds at bay. My new neighbor brought me a load of composted cow manure. Sweet.

I'm digging up Black-Eyed-Susans and transplanting them in front of the big pine. I like the vibrant Fall color.

Planting a northern garden can be tricky. Around here nothing gets babied. It makes it or it doesn't.

Lavender grows well, though mine have never been pruned and are getting woody. It is one plant I'll always have in my garden. On a summer day there might be a hundred bees on the flowers. I'm leaving spots for new transplants.

Baby's breath also likes this dry and sunny space. It was huge and wild, but I had to cut it back in order to till.

Every year I marvel at how well the heather is doing. I remember ordering two plants from a catalog at least 15 years ago. The flowers are starting to turn brown, but they are lovely and delicate during the summer. They're planted right along where my husband throws snow. Every Spring I come out and rough them up because they're so matted on the ground. I always think of them as growing in Scotland or the U.K., but they also thrive in my garden in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Go figure.

I've never had much luck with hollyhocks, so this year I started them early from seed. They're hearty plants. Too bad the deer love them.

How do you like how I've fixed the missing window pane? Too bad I can't Photoshop all the repairs around here. Even on a gentleman's farm they are never ending.

Speaking of deer....this guy is freezer ready. He's also a major pest. We can't leave the garage door open or he walks right in.

I hope you're enjoying whatever season you're having!

~Diane and Bambi