17 February 2014

Reaching for the Sun

Happiness is a warm house and a sunny day. It has been a long winter and it's not over by a longshot.

I brought one of my geraniums up from the basement where they have spent the winter under fluorescent lights. Though they've been neglected and have gotten leggy, the promise of spring is in their earthy smell.

I hope you're weathering the winter wherever you are. It has been brutal and tragic for so many.

Stay warm and safe.



  1. I can just smell the earth. I can't wait for the first rains!

  2. Hope it warms up FOR GOOD for you, and the geraniums, SOON!!!! Tanya

  3. Geraniums add cheer to any room. They are my favorite!

  4. I plant geraniums on my balcony every year - but I never keep them! I should learn a lesson from you! Fingers crossed for some warmth for you soon - our winter has been very mild so far, and distinctly lacking in drama (thank goodness!) I've got your Giveaway package packed & ready to go, so I hope it will bring you some joy soon!

  5. You stay warm too friend! Your geraniums are a sight for sore eyes! Such a lovely color! And you are so right...we have such a long way to go yet! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xo