14 February 2013

A New Man in My Life

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just thought I'd share some photos of the new man who came into my life today. Actually, he's really just a boy.

He followed me home after I turned down our road this afternoon. We played a little game: I'd drive a few feet and he'd follow, when I stopped he'd lick the salt off my car. Repeat. This went on for about twenty minutes. When I pulled up to the house and opened the car door, I called to him and he walked right over then followed me around like a puppy while I filled the birdfeeders and fed the woodstove.

He waited at the door while I ran in to get my 35mm camera.

Yes, this is where you saw me get the sunflower seeds and no, you cannot go in.

What a sweet little guy.
I think he's one of the twins I have been feeding this winter along with mom. I'm sure they've been holed up in the cedar swamps since it's been so bitterly cold. I haven't seen them for a several weeks. Today was in the mid-twenties.

He's a little buck. He didn't mind me touching and petting him, but he flinched when I touched his antler nubs. They're probably tender because they're growing. 

If he comes back tomorrow we'll have carrots for a snack.

I hope everyone is having the sweetest time!
This has been the best Valentine's Day ever!