09 September 2013

Tomato Love

The following post is devoted to....Tomato Love.

Brought to you by a lucky lady who was able to stay home on a misty day and hang out with her plants and camera. How cool is that?

My half dozen tomato plants are growing on the edge of a raspberry patch that I tilled and covered with clear plastic for the summer. I just removed the cover. I think it did the trick, as I don't see any runners.

When I planted the berries, I didn't think about all the snow that would get piled on them over the course of the winter. Every spring they had broken canes and never did well. This will be my new spot for vegetables or maybe raised beds.


I started these Seeds of Change 100% Certified Organic Red Cherry Tomato seeds over the winter and planted them in early June. These are the BEST tomatoes I've ever grown.

Luckily, the deer don't like them, though the buggers will eat the blossoms.

They are a little larger than the cherry tomatoes I've seen at the market. They're firm and have a nice flavor.

Just six plants and we're overrun with tomatoes.

Can they be frozen. Has anyone tried it?

I'm pretty impressed with the yield as our last hard frost was June 30, and we had a frost a few nights ago that left film of ice on my upper windshield and the roof of my car. Nothing was covered the night before, so I immediately sprayed them down with the hose. I thought for sure my morning glories and the tomatoes were goners. Close call.

 I never knew tomatoes were so beautiful. Guess I'm too used to those sad little things in the plastic containers in the produce aisle.

There is something satisfying about growing things, don't you think?

Tomato red is my new favorite color.




  1. Nothing like a sweet tomato still warm and fragrant from the bush.

  2. Those are beautiful tomatoes. You might try dehydrating or sun drying the tomatoes.

  3. They are beautiful lady! Your photos capture their stunning color!!! Your crops look so lush!!!! Hope you are well!

  4. looks like a very healthy yield! My soil has so much sand and I have been adding compost and other things to it. So far not the best for growing.:(